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Maintaining your fleet trucks is essential for keeping your business running smoothly. It doesn’t matter if you have 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, heavy-duty trucks, diesel trucks, or a combination, maintenance helps keep each of them on the road for longer.

In this fleet truck maintenance guide, we cover a vast range of information, including:

  • Fleet truck maintenance tips and common repairs
  • Symptoms of common issues and what you should do to solve them
  • Where to seek fleet electrical services in Texas¬†

Diesel Truck Battery Problems

Diesel truck engines require a lot of power to get started, which is why they typically have two batteries. If you ever replace a diesel truck battery, you should replace both at the same time. While this may be expensive, it’s recommended for the best care. Most automotive batteries last three to five years, but they can last much longer than that, especially with the right maintenance.

If you suspect your diesel truck battery has a problem, it could be related to your alternator. Test your alternator’s charging rate using a voltmeter. The voltage should be around 12. Anything lower than that means there is likely an issue. You should also check the connections to ensure no corrosion is present. Corrosion has the ability to prevent a solid connection, preventing the vehicle from starting.

Bad Wiring Harness

The wiring harness is a hub for a variety of connections, wires, and terminals that run throughout your 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, and any other fleet trucks you may have. With so many components in one area of your truck, there are bound to be problems.

Some bad wiring harness symptoms include:

  • Lower speeds shut off the engine
  • Problems starting the truck
  • Battery terminal corrosion
  • Connector damage
  • Other electrical and lighting issues

If you believe in having a bad wiring harness and your fleet truck has any of the above symptoms, find a Texas electrical mechanic sooner than later. An expert like the electrical mechanics at Carlos Truck Electric will be able to help diagnose the issue and provide long-lasting solutions.

Rewiring a Truck

Regardless of the maintenance and care you’ve put into your fleet trucks, aging and corrosion will always come naturally. It’s a major part of owning any vehicle. As your 18-wheelers, flatbed trucks, or diesel trucks age, their parts corrode naturally. Eventually, your wiring will reach a point where it requires a complete replacement.

Rewiring a truck shouldn’t be handled by an amateur or a novice electrical mechanic in Texas. Instead, it should be done by an expert with comprehensive knowledge of fleet electrical services. Carlos Truck Electric in Houston is certainly able to provide you with the electrical rewiring your fleet trucks may need.

Our team handles all rewiring, including connectors, terminals, wiring harnesses, insulation, and more. Every electrical aspect of your truck is replaced. Don’t wait to have your fleet trucks rewired, as waiting can cause you to have issues later down the road. Save on repair and towing costs by getting in touch with our team for all your fleet electrical repair needs.