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Air conditioning semi-truck repairs are a must when your AC is giving you problems. While in Texas, your semi-truck must have working air conditioning, especially during the summer. If you’re experiencing issues, try these 4 AC diagnostics tips to help identify the issue. Here at Carlos Truck Electric, we know the most common issues found in semi-truck air conditioners.

Our electrical mechanics can provide all the air conditioning semi-truck repairs you may need. You can schedule an appointment or bring your truck by the shop when you get a chance. We’ll perform a diagnostics check before locating the cause and implementing a long-lasting solution. In other words, we’ll get your AC working in no time.

Below are 4 of the most common signs of semi-truck AC problems we see in Texas. If you notice any of the following, we strongly advise that you come in for a diagnostics:

Freon Leaks

Freon is what helps keep your AC blowing cold air into the cabin of the truck. This non-combustible gas is used as a refrigerant in your AC system. Your AC system reuses freon over and over. As it evaporates, it cools the air inside the system before its recycled and reused.

Freon can leak out of your AC from:

  • condenser leak
  • ruptured hose
  • compressor leak

 It can be challenging to locate these leaks on your own, so get in touch with our semi-truck AC repair team. 

Contaminants in the System

Oil is the most common contaminant in AC systems in trucks, but mold and mildew may also be to blame. The signs of a contaminated semi-truck AC system include:

  • Lower cooling performance
  • Compressor making more noise
  • Lower or higher pressure
  • Premature compressor failure

What causes your AC system air to be contaminated is linked to dirty lines or gas contamination. The refrigerant in your AC must be at least 99% pure. Air can enter your system from a leak or from a previous service where the system was opened up.

It’s vital you have your AC contaminants removed and replaced with pure refrigerant before it costs you more repairs.

Compressor Failure

The AC compressor is what keeps the entire unit working and moves air throughout the whole system. It is the most crucial part of your semi-trucks air conditioning and also the most expensive. That’s why you must get it replaced sooner than later before any other costly repairs arise.

A compressor failure is caused by either age of the seals, a leak, clutch failure, or piston failure. All of these issues are often related to the age or condition of your AC unit. If that isn’t your case, our team will determine the cause. Carlos Truck Electric can perform any air conditioning semi-truck repairs in Texas.

Electrical Circuit Failure

The cause of your semi-truck air conditioning failure may not be tied directly to the unit but instead an electrical system. Your AC system could be suffering from a poor AC controller, pressure sensor issue, or fan override sensor problem. All of these areas can have an effect on the electrical circuit of your AC. Before moving forward with repairs, it’s critical to discover the cause as it will help catch potential future problems. 

If you’re in the Houston area, give Carlos Truck Electric a call. Our experienced mechanics can provide you with the air conditioning semi-truck repairs you require. Don’t get stuck in the Texas heat without a properly working AC in your truck. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or drop by with your truck.