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Is your truck AC giving you problems? Here at Carlos Truck Electric, we know how important your air conditioning is to your comfort during the hot summer months. When it stops working, it can put a lot of stress and strain on your day-to-day tasks. We work closely with ACs, which is why we’ve outlined a handful of problems and troubleshooting tips below. If none of the solutions we offer work, we recommend contacting our team for fleet truck AC diagnostics and repairs!

Does Your AC Blow Hot Air?

No matter how far you turn the dial to the cold side, does the air conditioner continue to blow hot air? There are many causes for an AC to blow hot hair, but a common cause is low Freon, a non-combustible gas that’s used to refrigerate in AC systems. Freon is a name brand, but you can also use generic brands.

Simply stop by a hardware store or auto store for r134a refrigerant. You can recharge the system with the refrigerant by locating the low-pressure valve. Attach the refrigerant to the valve and charge. It is important to note you can overcharge the system, so be cautious.

Is the Air Pressure Low?

When your AC is blowing cool air at a lower pressure, it is likely caused by a leak or blockage. You can determine if it’s a leak by taking a peek underneath or inside your vehicle. The leak can make its way into the truck’s cabin, especially when there is excess condensation. The leak is from a damaged hose.

As for the blockage, your air filter is to blame. If your air filter is ignored as your AC keeps blowing cool air at a lower pressure, it can put extreme strain on it. As a result, you can expect your truck’s AC to fail and need additional repairs. Prevent this by changing your air filter sooner rather than later.

Is the AC Making Strange Noises?

Air conditioners will make some kind of noise while on but expect a problem when you’re hearing noises such as screeching, banging, or clicking. You can’t tell the problem from the sound itself, but it may be due to a broken part. In some cases, a fan could be the cause. Of course, this is a problem you won’t be able to diagnose yourself. You’ll have to bring it into our shop for Fleet Truck AC diagnostics and repairs.

Do You See Fluid Leaking Underneath Your Truck?

As we alluded to already, fluid underneath your truck most likely means your AC hoses or connections are leaking. We recommend inspecting all of your hoses and their fittings. Ensure they are in good condition and sealed properly. If this continues, we recommend bringing your truck into the shop for fleet truck AC diagnostics and repairs. We’ll perform a visual inspection alongside a dye test. This will allow us to locate the source of the truck by seeing where the dye is originating.

Hire a Professional for Fleet Truck AC Diagnostics and Repairs

If you were unable to perform your own fleet truck AC diagnostics and repairs, we recommend contacting our shop to schedule an appointment. Beat the heat by bringing your 18 wheeler or flatbed truck into our shop. Our mechanics have the experience and skills you need to get your AC back in working order. Give us a call at (832) 705-4889 or (832) 705-4887. You can also book an appointment by filling out our contact form. Regardless, our mechanics are here for all of your air conditioning needs!